Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year Project

I have decided to try a 52 photography project for the year 2011. My goal is to take and post one picture a week that both inspires and signifies whatever happens to be going on in my life. First I thought a 365 day photo project would be allot of fun, but also perhaps a bit unrealistic, so I will start with this and perhaps next year take on a 365 day project. Here I will upload and journal my photo's, a place to reflect, look back and hopefully preserve some special memories over the 52 weeks and months of 2011.

Lately I feel my photography has been inspired by varying themes and focuses. As a photographer I strongly believe my job is to step back and be as unobtrusive as possible in order to capture those candid moments as they happen. So my first theme is inspired and entitled " when no one is watching" I especially love those moments I oversee or hear my daughters playing or interacting as though no one is around, in complete uninterrupted imaginative play.

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